Membership Registration/Renewal

To Apply Online You Need To: 

Step  1 (For New Memberships ONLY) :

Download and fill in the Membership form. Scan and email the signed form to  & with the SUBJECT “New Membership”.

Step  2 (For BOTH New & Existing Memberships) :

Membership payment can be paid via Paypal. Credit card is also accepted if you do NOT have a Paypal account. Simply choose the membership type and click on the “Subscribe” button. 

Please Note: If you need to change any aspect of your membership details then complete this form

Payment Option 1:

New application/renewal for Ordinary Full Membership, Associate Membership, Concession Membership

Payment Option 2:

Lifetime Membership 

Step  3 (For BOTH New & Existing Memberships) :

Please fill up the details gathered from Step 1 & Step 2 to complete the process of BSV Membership registration/renewal. 

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“When the eye sees, it simply registers color and shape. All the rest takes place in the mind.”

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