Buddhist Wisdom, Friendship and Peace for Young Adults


CITYZEN is the Young Adults Group (18-35 years old) of The Buddhist Society of Victoria Inc., a non-for-profit organization. Established in 2016, CITYZEN provides young Buddhists a social platform to study Dhamma, practice kindness and join a network of people with similar interests.

CITYZEN Activities

Dhamma activities are designed to inform participants about Buddhist wisdom. These activities can take place in many forms:

Dhamma In The Now

DITN is an in-person workshop about Buddhist teachings around recent, relatable topics among youth hosted by one of the CITYZEN committees. We want to engage in some friendly discourse, giving an opportunity for the participants to share their own experiences and knowledge to their spiritual friends. One of our previous talks revolved around moral dilemmas.

Dhamma Talk

Dhamma Talk is a fun-filled learning session when CITYZEN invites BSV monastics, lay teachers or a guest speaker to come over to our gathering and discuss classic topics. These guests can be Buddhist book writers, Buddhist start up founders, and many more. Our Dhamma talk with Ajahn Brahmali was engaging and memorable!

Dhamma Discussion (Noble. U Session)

Noble. U Session is a weekly online session for young-adult practitioners to tune in, where we can come together and learn Dhamma, stay in touch and progress along the path in a fun and engaging way. 

 This comes from the idea that we want Buddhists to have a space to come back to from their long-hours work and study. The long term goal is to develop mindfulness, wisdom, and valuable friendships

Social activities are Buddhism related events that are more entertaining in a sense that there will be games and other fun activities.

Dhamma Run

Dhamma Run is an/a (bi) annual amazing race for a social cause. This event started in 2019 and it involves participants travelling around the city and solving puzzles. The first main charity goal was  to donate food to the homeless. The games include Buddhism fun facts to make learning a lot more fun!

Cityzen’s Picnic

This event is a form of physical gathering, welcoming all young-adult for a peaceful and relaxing hangout. We bring our own food and drinks to share with each other, involving an exchange of opinions and interests with new members.

Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness can be practiced in many things! Our past activities include mindful cooking and yoga workshops.

Dhamma Days

Dhamma Days is an annual short, relaxing beginner friendly retreat at the beautiful Newbury Buddhist Monastery (NBM). It is a wonderful experience that encompasses learning about the dhamma and deepening spiritual friendship.

For the past 3 years, CITYZEN members had been given the opportunity to participate in the UN Vesak celebrations as volunteers. Members helped guide the procession across Melbourne city. It was a great opportunity to represent the Buddhist youth!

Working bees at monasteries 

CITYZEN has provided opportunities for anyone to help out in working bees at various monasteries. This includes Newbury Buddhist Monastery, BSV Buddhaloka centre, and the Seon Buddhist Centre. Stay tuned to our social media!

Ajahn Brahm Melbourne talks

Over the years, CITYZEN members were able to volunteer for Ajahn Brahm talk events at Malvern Town Hall, BSV Buddhaloka centre, even online. You can come as a listener or volunteer. Ajahn Brahm is a very well known and respected monk in Australia, thus lots of helping hands were needed to ensure that the events ran as smoothly as possible.

UN International Day of Peace 2019

This is a collaborative event between CITYZEN, BSV and bENGAGED about awakening peace during turbulent times. The program consisted of key addresses, panel discussion and audience Q&A.

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  4. Do not forget that you can always rock up to our event and speak to one of our committees regarding your interest in joining Cityzen.

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