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In the Theravada Buddhist Tradition, Bhikkhus (monks) and Bhikkhunis (nuns) rely on donations of ready-to-eat food for their general wellbeing and to spend more time focussed on their practice.

Bookings are essential if you wish to be the main dana offerer.

Please arrive between 10:00am and 10:30am to get ready for the lunch offering which starts at 10:45am

If you have an enquiry regarding offering lunch dana or would like to bring some requisites for NBM, please email the office (dana@nbm.org.au) or call the NBM Office on (03) 5424 1812 between 8.30am to 10.30am or 6.00 pm to 6.45pm.

You are most welcome to bring home cooked food as dana to the monastery.

    • NBM sincerely appreciates vegetarian food offerings.
    • We would much appreciate your assistance with a special diet – a small tray of a variety of vegetables (steamed or boiled) with nothing added (no salt, no pepper, no oil) – for the residents with digestive issues.

If you would like to offer dana but are unable to cook and/or bring it to the monastery, you may wish to consider this option.

  1. Kindly make an online booking to reserve your dana day before arranging with a caterer
  2. NBM sincerely appreciates vegetarian food offerings.
  3. Please inform the dana liaison officer (dana@nbm.org.au) if you proceed with this option.
  4. Please kindly order for 10 NBM residents.

If you are staying for lunch, kindly order food for your family too.

Caterers’ contact details below (Names are sorted in alphabetical order):

  • Ada: 0433 332 226 / ada390@hotmail.com [pick-up only]
  • Earng: 0415 695 942 / atcharapan.9@gmail.com
  • Emma: 0439 556 229 / info@emmajamescatering.com
    [available only Wednesday, Thursday & Fridays and require 7 days notice.]
  • Ken: 0452 188 456 / ken3392871@outlook.com [available at short notice]

1. Can I join a dana (meal offering) on a day that is booked?

YES, you are most welcome. Please feel free to come along and join in with a lunch offering of a few dishes, just enough for the people in your group. These dishes will be included in the lunch offering for the monastics as well.

2. How many monks/nuns/lay people will be there?

Please call (03 5424 1812) or email (dana@nbm.org.au), if you would like to confirm the number of monks, nuns and eight precept lay guests at Newbury on a given date.

3. Are there dietary requirements?

Vegetarian meals are strongly encouraged.
Less spicy food is much appreciated.
Please let us know if your food contains eggs and/or peanuts; we will label the food accordingly for the resident(s) with allergies.

4. How much food should I bring?

If you have made a booking to offer full lunch dana, please bring enough for the monastics and eight-precept lay residents on that given date; and your own group only.

Note: Due to the monastic and 8-precept practice of not taking food after noon, your assistance in taking the leftovers home is much appreciated.

5. Can I cook at the monastery?

The kitchen is not available for cooking of meals.
However, heating/warming up food is possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

6. How to Reschedule/Cancel a Booking

Please refer to the email confirmation of your dana registration. At the bottom of that email, there are options for rescheduling/cancelling your booking.

You can click on the appropriate link to reschedule/cancel your booking. This can only be done up to 48 hours before the time of your dana offering. Otherwise, you must contact the monastery to update your booking.



Lunch Dana Guide

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