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In the Theravada Buddhist tradition Bhikkhus (monks) and Bhikkhunis (nuns) do not cook for themselves according to the Buddha’s rules and thus they rely on the donations of ready-to-eat food for their general wellbeing and in order to maintain their practice

To ensure a smooth and harmonious experience, we kindly request you to make a booking for your lunch dana offering. Lunch offering may vary between 10am and 11am (Mon-Sat). Please arrive at the Buddhaloka Center Vihara (71 Darling Road, Malvern East) 30 minutes before the booked time to prepare your offering. Look for the wooden gate next to the car park, where you can enter and immerse yourself in the joy of offering.

Everyone is Welcome to Participate! At BSV, we embrace the spirit of unity and harmony. Even if you are not the main donor for a particular day, we wholeheartedly welcome you to participate in the lunch dana offering. As someone may have already booked to offer a full meal, we kindly ask you to bring one or two dishes to share, allowing everyone to contribute to this joyful occasion. Prior to your visit, always check the dana calendar (below) and email the Office to verify the time and to ensure a monastic is in residence.

Sunday Communal lunch
After the Dhamma Talk on Sunday, at 11 am there is rice pindapāta and offering lunch dana to the monastics, followed by communal lunch. Please bring a dish of food to share with the monastics and lay community. Ensure all food is freshly cooked and prepared in advance. We kindly request those who wish to make an offering, to deliver their contribution to the Vihara kitchen upon arrival at the Centre (no later than 10:30am). This will greatly assist with lunch preparation.

Please note:
If you have an enquiry regarding offering lunch dana, please email the office (office@bsv.net.au). 

  1. Can I come alone?
    It is not appropriate or acceptable in the Theravada Buddhist tradition for a woman on her own to offer food to a monk or a man on his own to offer food to a nun.
    Kindly observe this important practice by arranging for a companion.
  2. Can I join a dana (meal offering) on a day that is booked?
    Yes, you are most welcome. Please feel free to come along and join in with a lunch offering of a few dishes, just enough for the people in your group. These dishes will be included in the lunch offering for the monastics as well.
  3. I am not the main dana person. Can I join?
    Yes. The BSV encourages donors to particpate in offering lunch to the resident monastic but also be mindful and respectful of the needs of the main donor who may have booked that specific day to commemorate a special occasion (eg. the passing of a family member)
  4. How do I offer the food to the monastic?
    If you are not familiar with the Lunch Dana procedure don’t worry. Once you have made your booking you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to offer food to the monastics.
  5. Are there any dietary restrictions to be aware of?
    Please email office@bsv.net.au to find out if the monastics has any dietary restrictions that you need to be aware of.

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