The BSV library is located at the Buddhaloka Centre, 71 Darling Road, East Malvern, Victoria 3145 on Level 1 of the Buddhaloka Centre.

Library Hours

  • Sunday  11:00am – 12.30pm


There is an extensive library of:

  • Buddhist books for lending
  • Recordings of Dhamma talks given by various teachers (CDs in mp3 format)
  • Booking of Library space for Dhamma activities/meeting
  • Current financial members of the BSV may borrow books and CDs from this collection (3 items for 1 month at a time)


List of Buddhist Books For Lending

Lists of Buddhist Books for lending are available below:

  1. By Author
  2. By Title

Recordings of Dhamma Talks given by various Teachers (CDs in mp3 format) are also available in the library.

Reference books and periodicals are only available for reading in the library.

Non members and guests are welcome to browse and read in the library.

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“There is no future, there is no past. Everything is now, and we are completely transparent; we have no solidity. We only look as if we had.”

- Ayya Khema
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