Stage 2 - Meditation Centre Project


Latest Project Funding Update

Thanks to your Generous Donations  we have now collected the funds needed to pay the builder’s contracted amount for the NBM Meditation Retreat Centre Stage 2a. 


  • Additional funding needed to pay for Cost Escalation of Construction Materials due to POST COVID issues affecting the building industry
  • Cost of Furniture Fittings and Equipment (including white goods) for the Meditation/Dana hall, Kitchen, Laundry and Lay Retreatants Cottages

So please keep your generous Donations rolling in.

The BSV-NBM communities extend their heartfelt thanks to all supporters and donors, Australia and overseas, for their kindness and generosity supporting this meritorious project that will benefit sentient beings to reduce suffering.

The NBM Meditation Retreat Centre project was officially launched in March 2020 by Ajahn Brahmali and Bhante Mudito. The designs developed are sensitive to the pristine forested natural environment and work toward supporting spiritual activities taking place on site. The buildings are organized around a strong spiritual axis of progression from mundane to spiritual – Entry Foyer – Dāna Hall – Stupa Courtyard – and through to the Meditation Hall (to be constructed at a future stage). The cottages are placed around a series of courtyards connected by landscaped gardens and colonnaded walkways. They also serve as tranquil contemplative spaces and pathways for walking meditation.

The Centre will facilitate Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Brahmali and other senior monastics to provide teachings to the community. Construction commenced in October 2021. Ajahn Brahm conducted a  Blessing Ceremony at the building site on Saturday 26 February 2022.  Watch the YouTube presentation of the ceremony below.

The current phase of Construction consists of:

  • 4 Cottages – 24 rooms with ensuites for lay retreatants
  • Dāna Hall and Kitchen
  • Office and Amenities
  • Caretakers Cottage
  • All necessary infrastructure services

Construction works are progressing, albeit with some delays experienced, due to material and labour shortages, which has impacted the entire construction industry – post COVID.

Stage 2B and 2C

Stage 2B and 2C works have already been master planned.

Stage 2B works will consist of:

  • Meditation Hall
  • Amenities

Current Estimated Cost of Stage 2B works is approximately $5 Million

Stage 2C works will consists of:

  • Extension of Retreatants Cottages -addition of 36 more rooms with ensuites
  • Expansion of Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Extension of infrastructure services to cover stage 2B works.


How To Get Involved

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We invite you to support this highly meritorious project to aid the monastic Sangha in their spiritual path, and to help propagate the teachings of the Buddha.

Support the Building Project

You can help complete the Retreat Centre so it can be operational early next year by donating to a fundraising campaign that’s close to your heart

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