Stage 2 - Meditation Centre Project


Latest Project Funding Update

The NBM Building Project Stage 2a is now fully funded. Thanks to your generous donations and support, we have now collected the funds needed to pay the builder’s contracted amount for the NBM Meditation Retreat Centre Stage 2a, equipping and furnishing the centre to operational stage.  

The BSV-NBM communities extend their heartfelt thanks to all supporters and donors, Australia and overseas, for their kindness and generosity supporting this meritorious project that will benefit sentient beings to practise the Buddha Dhamma and reduce suffering.

Dear members of the BSV Community and supporters,
To ensure transparency, it is with heavy heart that we bring this very disappointing news about the progress of the Meditation Retreat Centre Project at Newbury. It is our duty to keep all members of our community and benevolent supporters on any significant matters related to the project.

With the generous supports from Ajahn Brahm, BSV community of monastics and laities, supporters from Australia and overseas, the NBM Retreat Centre Stage 2a building project was finalised in early 2021.

The current builder who had completed NBM Stage 1 building project, has been engaged to build the centre in October 2021. Due to various factors and impacts from Covid-19, the building progress was slow but progressing. During the last 2 years, we have had several discussions with the builder about allocating more resources and gearing up with the building progress. The builder advised that they were committed and were seeking subcontractors for the project in a tight labor supply market condition.

However, since August 2023, the project has been at a virtual standstill. The BSV Building Subcommittee has been meeting with the Superintending Architects & builder to find a way forward. However, this did not lead to substantial progress. Thus, on the 10th January 2024, the BSV issued a legal notice to the builder, the ‘Notice of Show Cause’. This notice requires the builder to respond within 2 weeks to show the causes of the delays and how the situation can be remedied. If the builder fails to respond or if their response does not give the BSV confidence the project would be completed within a reasonable timeframe, the BSV can look at options with other builders.

In the meantime, on the 9th January 2024, we discovered that the builder had cancelled their ‘Builders’ Bank Guarantee’, with their bank without informing BSV. The Guarantee is like a Performance Security for the building projects, and BSV is the beneficiary. What is more, it had been cancelled a year and half ago around August 2022.

Following this discovery, on legal advice, the BSV Building Project Superintendent requested the builder to replace the cancelled Bank Guarantees by the end of business on 18th January 2024. As of to-date, the cancelled Bank Guarantees have not been replaced.

Despite these challenges, the meditation retreat centre project will continue as planned, though it could be with another builder. We understand the concerns this may raise and assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to address the situation.

We will continue to keep you informed, the BSV Community and its supporters, as the situation evolves. The BSV Committee, the NBM Community of monks and nuns are very grateful for your continued support and understanding as we deal with this difficult situation.

With our warm regards,

BSV Building Subcommittee
Ajahn Mudito
Adrian Tee (President)
Indira Jayasinghe (Vice President)

Buddhist Society of Victoria

The NBM Meditation Retreat Centre project was officially launched in March 2020 by Ajahn Brahmali and Bhante Mudito. This project is Stage 2 of the overall 3 stage NBM Building Plan as follows:

Stage 1 – Monks Accommodation was completed in September 2020.

Stage 2 – NBM Meditation Retreat Centre which also include a Dana offering hall.

Stage 3 – Nuns Accommodation (to be scoped)

For ease of manageability and funding, Stage 2 has been divided into at least 2 phases (ie Stage 2a and Stage 2b; and maybe Stage 2c if some of the structures are needed to be phased out of Stage 2b due to insufficient funding. A summary of stages 2a, 2b & 2c is outlined in the other tabs as indicated on this page.

The designs of Stage 2 – NBM Meditation Retreat centre are sensitive to the pristine forested natural environment and work toward supporting spiritual activities taking place on site. The buildings are organized around a strong spiritual axis of progression from mundane to spiritual – Entry Foyer – Dāna Hall – Stupa Courtyard – and through to the Meditation Hall (to be constructed in either Stage 2b or 2c ). The cottages are placed around a series of courtyards connected by landscaped gardens and colonnaded walkways. They also serve as tranquil contemplative spaces and pathways for walking meditation.

The Centre will facilitate Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Brahmali and other senior monastics to provide teachings to the community

The current phase of Construction – Stage 2a – consists of:

  • 4 Cottages – 24 rooms with ensuites for lay retreatants
  • Dāna Hall and Kitchen
  • Office and Amenities
  • Caretakers Cottage
  • All necessary infrastructure services

The construction of the centre had commenced in September 2021.  Due to shortages of the building materials and labours, which have impacted the entire Australia construction industry, the construction works have been progressing quiet slowly causing significant delays. We are hopeful that the construction of Stage 2a will be completed in October 2023.

The following building structures and facilities are planned for construction in Stage 2b and Stage 2c – if required depending on funding availability:

  • Retreat Centre Meditation Hall
  • Additional Retreatants Cottages; adding another 36 more retreatant’s rooms – bringing the total number of rooms to 60.
  • Expansion of the existing Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Amenities and other infrastructures to support the additional capacity.
  • Building the planned remaining monastics’ Kuties for monastics.

Current estimated cost for the construction for the above structures and infrastructures is approximately $13 Million.


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