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The BSV Online Community on Discord is an inclusive online forum where those who want to inquire and understand dhamma can come together to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, explore teachings, and support one another on the path of awakening. It provides a platform for fostering connections, deepening understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practices, participating in online meditation sessions, studying suttas, accessing valuable resources and engage in a respectful community that embraces diversity and supports personal and collective spiritual growth.

What is Discord? Discord is a popular communication platform designed for creating communities and fostering interactions among users. It combines elements of voice, video, and text-based chat, making it ideal for various types of communities.

How will it be used? This online platform is intended to provide an inclusive space for like-minded individuals to gather, share wisdom, and engage in meaningful discussions about Buddhist teachings, practices, and philosophy. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or beginner, this platform offers a supportive environment for learning, sharing and building an engaging community.

What do I need to join? When you join the BSV Online Community on Discord, you will need to:

    1. Use a valid email address
    2. Create a User Name (we recommend it be your first name and last initial in order to create an atmosphere of trust)
    3. Provide your Date of Birth (We recommend that you create a fictitious date of birth that you will remember at a later point)

What about my privacy? Do not post any personal identifiable information that can be used to identify an individual. This includes full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers, or government-issued identification numbers. We recommend you read the #privacy channel before posting anything online. Like other widely used media apps such as facebook and YouTube, there is a possibility that discord tracks some of your data. You can find out more about Discord’s Privacy Policy at:

What ways can I engage with the Online Community? 

      • Discussion Channels: Engage in thoughtful conversations with fellow community members in our dedicated discussion channels. Here, you can explore various aspects of Buddhism, such as meditation techniques, mindfulness practices, sutta studies, and philosophical inquiries. Share your insights, ask questions, and exchange ideas to deepen your understanding of the Dharma.
      •  Meditation Space: The Silent Meditation Room is a space for members to meditate together. In the future we intend to connect this channel to our weekly meditation sessions to allow members who are unable to physically attend the BSV City Centre (due to distance) to join via a voice/video channel.
      •  Teachings Resources: Access to a wealth of online resources produced by the BSV to enrich your knowledge and practice. Members are also welcome to share articles, videos, podcasts, and recommended readings from reputable Dhamma teachers and scholars.
      • Community Support: Connect with fellow like-minded members who can share their respective experiance and provide mutual support in their spiritual journey.
      • Guidelines and Moderation: To maintain a respectful, harmonious and safe environment, we have established guidelines and a dedicated moderation team. We encourage open-mindedness, kindness, constructive dialogue, ensuring that everyone feels safe and welcome within this space.

Whilst the aim of The Buddhist Society of Victoria is to encourage the teaching, practice and realisation of the Buddha-Dhamma within the Theravada tradition, it also has an objective to foster association with Buddhist societies and organisations with similar aims and objectives as the Society and to show respect for all schools of Buddhist thought. With this in mind, this platform aims to provide an inclusive space that respects and embraces the diversity of Buddhist practices and perspectives.


Discord is available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. If you are NOT planning to use this on either Android or iOS, we recommend you just use the browser (Chrome, Fiexfox, Edge) client instead of installing the Windows or Mac application.

"Life is what's happening while you're worrying."

- Ajahn Brahm
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