Management Committee

Management Committee 2021

Roles and Responsibility

President  : Indira Jayasinghe

Vice President : Chinta Amadoru

Secretary : Adrian Tee

Treasurer : Varuna Wickrema

General Committee

Communications : Yasmin Moore

Community Engagement : Saliya Mudannayake

Events: Lai Kim Phua

Maintenance : Terry O’Loughlin


 L to R

Ayya Upekkha, Lai Kim Phua, Saliya Mudannayake, Terry O’Loughlin, Indira Jayasinghe, Adrian Tee, Chinta Amadoru, Yasmin Moore, Varuna Wickrema and Ajahn Nissarano




Committee Members Governance Role Summary

Guide to Legal Duties of Communittee Members

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"Complaining is finding faults, wisdom is finding solutions."

- Ajahn Brahm
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