Current Shortfall: $74,983

Building Project

Meditation Retreat Centre Project Stage 2a

The NBM Meditation Retreat Centre project was officially launched in March 2020 and construction commenced in October 2021. The designs developed are sensitive to the pristine forested natural environment and will support spiritual activities planned for the Centre. The buildings are organized around a strong spiritual axis of progression from mundane to spiritual – Entry Foyer – Dãna Hall – Stupa Courtyard – and through to the Meditation Hall (to be constructed at a future stage). The cottages are placed around a series of courtyards connected by landscaped gardens and colonnaded walkways. They also serve as tranquil contemplative spaces and pathways for walking meditation.

The Centre will facilitate Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Brahmali and other senior monastics to provide teachings to the community.

Due to issues affecting the building industry since the 4th quarter of 2021, the completion date for this project has been delayed. We are working with the Builder to find ways to firm up the project revised complete date – which will be published on this website when available

WE ARE STILL $74,983 SHORT OF THE MUCH NEEDED FUNDING TO MEET ADDITIONAL PROJECT EXPENSES. You can help to bring this project to completion through your donation

Donations made in Australia of $2.00 or more towards The Buddhist Society of Victoria Inc. Monastery Building Fund Account may be tax-deductible.

Construction due to complete in:








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" Where does peace arise? Peace arises whenever we let something go. "

- Ajahn Chah
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