Join us to celebrate BSV 70th Birthday

All members of the the community are invited to join us at the BSV Buddhaloka Centre at Malvern east on Sunday, 15 October 2023, starting at 9.00am



Finding Meaning Through Meditation and Kindness

These free sessions are suitable for meditators who want to learn new techniques to expand their practice. Sessions run every Friday night (7-8pm)

BSV Online Community

An inclusive online forum where those who want to inquire and understand dhamma can come together to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, explore teachings, and support one another on the path of awakening.

We invite you to join the community to participate in dhamma discussions, meditation sessions and access dhamma resources.

Meditation Retreat Centre Updates

NBM Meditation Retreat Centre Project – Stage 2a

Construction commenced on 25 October 2021

Visit the dedicated webpage to keep up-to date with progress and donate towards this project

Support by contributing to some of the operational costs

“The gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts” – The Buddha (Dhammapada no. 354)

Support us now and help us get there!

Help complete the Retreat Centre so it can be operational early next year by donating to a fundraising campaign that’s close to your heart

Announcements & Updates

Established in 1953, the Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV) is the oldest Theravada Buddhist Teaching Centre in Australia. The vibrant teaching program at the Buddhaloka Centre in East Malvern is offered free to the community. The weekly teaching program, Dhamma School, the Teens Group and Cityzen (young adults) along with the Newbury Buddhist Monastery provide great opportunities for all ages, stages of life and varying levels of practice to discover and practice the Dhamma

The Newbury Buddhist Monastery is supported by the BSV and is set on a 150-acres of lush green pasture amidst the rolling countryside neighbouring the Wombat State Forest in Victoria, Australia.

Find out more about the Meditation Centre Project here

For Ages 6 – 13

The school curriculum focuses on practical Buddhism in contemporary life, we discuss personal and public issues and how the Dhamma can be used to assist us to lead a more compassionate existence with our family, friends and animals.

For Ages 13 to 18

The BSV Teen Program supports secondary school students to learn the teachings of the Buddha (the Dhamma) readily applicable to their lives; and to create a society of Dhamma practitioners amongst themselves

For Ages 18 to 35

CITYZEN aims to help young adults cultivate wisdom and peace through meditation and the Buddha’s teachings. If you have plans to join a social group of like-minded and grow spiritually, you’re in the right place.

Love is not liking somebody. Anyone can do that. Love is loving things that sometimes you don't like.

 – Ajahn Brahm

Whatever disturbance is happening, it is disturbing you for one moment only. But if it echoes in your mind, it will keep disturbing you for a long time.


– Ajahn Brahm

Forget about the results. Creating the causes, that is your work. The results will come by themselves.

 – Ajahn Brahm

Upcoming Events

Monday Night Meditation | Ajahn Dhammadipa

Buddhaloka Centre 71 Darling Road, Malvern East, VIC, Australia

Time: 7.30 – 9 pm Venue: BSV Buddhaloka Centre 71 Darling Road, Malvern East VIC 3145 Meditation is a calm approach of healing that increase productivity, replenish attention, solidify memories […]

Nurturing Awareness – WEEK 6 | Ajahn Sādaro

Buddhaloka Centre 71 Darling Road, Malvern East, VIC, Australia

Forgiving Awareness : The water that washes away the stain This is the sixth in the series of eight sessions of Nurturing Awareness: Finding meaning through meditation and kindness. In it, Ajahn […]

“Never allow your knowledge to stand in the way of truth.”

– Ajahn Brahm
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