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BSV Buddhaloka Centre – 1st Floor Alternative Access Staircase 

This project fulfils the longstanding need for an alternative external access staircase to the first floor of the existing BSV Buddhaloka Dhamma Hall in East Malvern.

The proposed staircase will be constructed on the South side of the Dhamma Hall parallel to the South wall but sufficiently away from the wall to allow for pedestrian traffic. The proposed structure will consist of a single staircase up to the upper floor level which will then connect to the upper floor by an overhead bridge and a door. The main structure will be built out of steel.

With the help of a few volunteers, including a Project Manager & Architect, the following have been accomplished:

  • An architectural plan has been drawn
  • A Planning Permit for the structure has been issued by the Stonnington Council for the construction.
  • Structural Engineering Drawing for the construction.


Tasks in Progress in June 2020

  • Submission to Building Surveyor for approval 
  • Inviting and selecting a licensed Builder for the construction.


We anticipate the construction will be completed before the end of 2020.

How To Get Involved?

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