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NBM Building Projects

The monastery project is strongly supported and endorsed by Venerable Ajahn Brahm (BSV’s Spiritual Advisor). Information about the NBM building project is available for viewing at the BSV Buddhaloka Centre and the NBM website.

Once construction is fully completed, there will be two separate dwelling areas within the facility – one for Bhikkhus and one for Bhikkhunis  – with a total of 20 huts scattered throughout the forest. There is also a plan to build accommodation for lay guests who wish to practise in a monastic environment.

This is a three-stage development, which will include building the Meditation Centre for the 4-fold Community of Bhikkhus, Bhikkhunis, Laymen and Laywomen

Stage 1 construction commenced in March 2019, and was completed in April 2020. Stage 1 construction included: building infrastructure to support the development, 5 kutis (huts) and a Bhikkhu Sangha House to accommodate the Bhikkhu Sangha on one side of the monastery

Stage 2 construction was officially launched in March 2020 and is the current active development project at the monastery. For easier manageability, this project is divided into sub-phases. We are currently seeking supports for Stage 2(a) and details of its scope are outlined below.

Development Stages

Stage 1: Mar 2019 - Apr 2020

In March 2019, we commenced Stage 1 construction – building infrastructure to support the development, 5 kutis (huts) and a Bhikkhu Sangha House to accommodate the Bhikkhu Sangha on one side of the monastery

This Stage 1 project was completed in April 2020 in line with the Project Plan

Stage 2: Launched Mar 2020

NBM Meditation Centre project was launched in March 2020. The Centre facility will include cottages with individual rooms and ensuites for lay retreatants, a Meditation Hall, Dana hall & Kitchen. This project will be divided into phases depending on funding availability.

Project architectural design has been completed and construction is planned to commence in September 2021.

Stage 3:

Nuns Accommodation and Dhamma Hall will be the next project following the completion of Stage 2

Stage 1 Project Development – Completed in April 2020

Stage 2 Project Development – Currently in progress

The NBM Meditation Retreat Centre project was officially launched in March 2020 by Ajahn Brahmali and Bhante Mudito. The designs developed are sensitive to the pristine forested natural environment and work toward supporting spiritual activities taking place on site. The buildings are organized around a strong spiritual axis of progression from mundane to spiritual – Entry Foyer – Dãna Hall – Stupa Courtyard – and through to the Meditation Hall (to be constructed at a future stage). The cottages are placed around a series of courtyards connected by landscaped gardens and colonnaded walkways. They also serve as tranquil contemplative spaces and pathways for walking meditation.

The Centre will facilitate Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Brahmali and other senior monastics to provide teaching to the community. The construction is planned to commence in October 2021. The current phase of construction will consist of:

• 24 rooms with en-suites for lay retreatants,
• Construction of the kitchen and Dãna Hall,
• Offices and general amenities,
• Caretakers’ cottages,
• All necessary infrastructure services.

The construction is planned to commence in October 2021

The current phase of construction will consist of:
Kitchen and Dana Hall
24 rooms with en-suites  for lay retreatants
Offices and general amenities
Caretakers’ cottages
All necessary infrastructure services


Gratefully seeking donations toward the NBM Building Stage 2a – NBM Meditation Centre project.
Donations can be made via the BSV website: or
email the BSV Treasurer –

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