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Managing your membership online

by | Jan 18, 2024 | BCM, NBM, ONLINE

The BSV launched our Membership Platform on Tuesday. You can now Apply, Renew and Update your membership through an online Self-Service Portal.

Existing Members can renew and update their membership details by logging into the portal here using the credentials sent to their registered email address. We encourage members to login to the portal and update their contact details where necessary. If you haven’t received these credentials, kindly check your spam folder and if you still are unable to locate the information, please send an email to, and we will assist you in gaining access to the platform.

Previous Renewal Methods of Bank Transfer or PayPal are no longer accepted as valid payment methods for membership. Members are requested to cancel any automated recurring payments of their annual membership fee that they may have set up on PayPal or Bank Account.

Recent Applicants who submitted their membership application over the past few weeks using the previous paper-based forms, your applications have been keyed into the platform and you should have received an email acknowledging we have received your application. You will gain access to the portal once your membership application is approved at the next committee meeting (scheduled on Thu 15 Feb). If you have not received this email, then please reach out to us at and we will investigate.

New Membership Applications can now be submitted via the Membership Page on our website. Select the membership type that is most appropriate to you and complete the entire process which in most cases will be paperless.

Cash and EFTPOS Payments are not encouraged. However, if you are not confident with online payments, then a member of the office team can assist you; but you must bring with you a copy of the generated invoice which will contain any missed year(s) of payments. Do not place money for your membership renewal into the donation box without the invoice as it will not be traceable.