Contribute to the Operational Costs

How To Donate BSV Operational Cost Support Via Direct Debit?

1. BSV General Account Commonwealth Bank Account

  • Account: The Buddhist Society of Victoria Inc
  • BSB: 063 001
  • Account Number: 0091 0907

2. Please enter your name in the Bank Transfer Reference to enable us to match the online transfer transaction to you.

3. Please also email the following details:

  • Your full name and contact phone number.
  • The date of the Bank Transfers and Amount.
  • Any specific use that we should apply the donation (e.g. BSV General Purpose, NBM Buildings, monastic requisites, etc).

Or Pay with your PayPal Account or Credit Card 

Why Direct Debit Rather Than PayPal Payment?

Saving transaction fees on Paypal:

  • Australia: 1.1% + $0.30
  • International: 2.1% + fixed fee

Reference: PayPal Seller Fees

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- Ajahn Brahm
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