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Community update on the Meditation Centre Project at Newbury

by | Feb 28, 2024 | BCM, NBM, ONLINE

Dear Dhamma Friends,

 In keeping with our commitment to inform our community of the NBM  Building Project Status, the following is a brief of the development since our last project update released in the 3rd week of January 2024

 On 10th Jan’24, BSV issued a Notice of Show Cause with a Response By Date on 24th Jan’24 to our contracted builder – ADMA.

  • On 24th Jan’24, ADMA responded but did not address the 3 requested items, ie replacing the Bank Guarantees, issuing a project program and a list of subcontractors. Instead, their response was general and not taking any responsibility or offer any suggestion to rectify the situation. The builder again asked to meet with us to discuss how we can continue with the work.
  • With that request, we had a virtual meeting on 2nd Feb’24 with the builder. We came to an agreement for a date for the builder to present to us as to how they can complete the work.
  • On 12th Feb, the builder provided their response which quoted an additional sum of $1.38m excluding GST for BSV to pay them. The response did not include any details relating to work program with a Completion Date, list of subcontractors or a new Performance Security. As such the NBM Building subcommittee have viewed ADMA’s latest response as totally inadequate as it has no indication of any sincerity and commitment to complete our building.
  • Consequently, on 13th Feb, BSV issued a Notice to take the “work out of the hands” of ADMA with immediate effect on the same day.

 Actions taken since the issued of the Notice mentioned above:

  • Security cameras have been installed by a security rental company.
  • The locks to the site entry gates have been changed, and signage listing BSV contact details has been installed.
  • BSV has taken over the NBM Centre Building project has an “Owner Builder”, with a new Building Permit been issued to BSV to carry out this work.
  • We have engaged a Buddhist subcontractor to complete the major part of the building work such as roofing for the main hall, internal structures and other major works.
  • We will directly engage other subcontractors such as fencing, electrician, mechanical services, plumbers, etc. Ajahn Mudito and Rohan have taken the arduous task of contacting the subcontractors and checking the stocks onsite. 
  • We are grateful to Rohan Jayasinghe who has kindly volunteered to assist with managing the building work and liaising with subcontractors.

 As there are a lot of work on hands, any volunteering assistance to help Ajahn Mudito and Rohan with getting the various pieces of works off the ground would be most welcoming. Please contact if you have any query or offering to assist.

 It will take a few weeks to put all these into place and operation, but we will achieve our goal at the end of this. Work with good intention and good result will eventuate.

 The BSV Committee, the NBM Community of monks and nuns are very grateful for your continued support and understanding as we are working through this difficult situation. 

With our warm regards,


 BSV Building Subcommittee

Ajahn Mudito

Adrian Tee (President)

Indira Jayasinghe (Vice President)

Rohan Jayasinghe (Project Coordinator)