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Important changes for our Online Community

by | Nov 21, 2023 | ONLINE

If you’re accessing BSV primarily through YouTube, the BSV Online Community offers a fantastic avenue to connect in a more personal manner with fellow Dhamma practitioners. Join nightly sits led by a monastic from Monday to Thursday at 7 pm AEDT, and even explore an option to offer lunch dana remotely and participate in a blessing and dedication of merit ceremony. There are dedicated channels for Sutta discussions, practice discussions, resources and more.

Whether you’re next door to BSV or miles away, being part of the Online Community provides a chance to connect globally, share your challenges, and offer mutual support.

A Growing Online Community on Discord

BSV’s Discord Online Community, home to over 250 Kalyāṇa-mittatā members, serves as a hub for sharing and practicing the Dhamma. However, due to Discord’s video limitations, events anticipating over 25 attendees will transition to Zoom starting Sun Nov 19. This shift includes Sunday Dhamma Talks and the upcoming Sutta Study Group. Nightly sits will continue on Discord until otherwise informed.

To prevent nuisance attendees (ZOOM Bombing) joining these events, the ZOOM login details will NOT be published on the BSV website or newsletter and will instead be available on Discord and will be periodically refreshed

Access restrictions lifted for those living in Melbourne:

Restrictions were placed on access to interactive sessions as a means to encourage those who live in Melbourne to attend in person and physically be part of a Buddhist community, spend time face to face with Kalyāṇa-mittatās meditating and practicing Dhamma together.

As of Sun Nov 19, restrictions for all current programs delivered online were removed. Whilst we’ve lifted these restrictions, we encourage Melbourne residents to take full advantage of the opportunity to attend the BSV in person. Join us for the complete experience that those living further away simply cannot experience.

So you now have three ways of particpating in Sunday Dhamma Talk:

  1. In-Person at thet BSV, Malvern
  2. Online on YouTube 
  3. Onine via ZOOM (details can be found on the Discord events menu)

Note: No decision has been made on making the Saturday Retreats available online on a regular basis as this will depend on technical resources being available for the entire day to support it.