Bhante Bodhidhaja

Monastic Teacher

Bhante Bodhidhaja, born in Switzerland as Nicolas Vrticka was introduced to Buddhism at an early age by a neighbour. After graduation Nicolas worked as a primary school teacher and chose social work as an alternative for compulsory military training in Switzerland.

At the age of 21, while on a visit to India in 2003 Nicolas took on a temporary ordination under the late Acharya Buddharakhita who gave him the monastic name Bodhidhaja and since kept the same name in memory of his Teacher.

From late 2006 Nicolas spent time living, practicing and serving as a lay person in different Monastic communities around the world. Upon returning to Perth BSWA in 2010 became an Anagarika followed by being a novice and higher ordination in 2012 under Ajahn Brahm.

Bhante Bodhidhaja is presently part of the BSWA Monastic Community.

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